Tue. Jul 27th, 2021




The Arts and Culture Company was formed as an initiative that seeks to portray, showcase, reveal and expose our rich, diverse culture to the rest of the world to unify, educate, maintain, as well as restore our lost cultural values.

The current generation has lost the ability to appreciate, cherish and adhere to the customs and traditions of their respective societies. This is a frequent occurrence which has more to do with their lack of education about their culture, rather than their refusal to be a part of it.

In view of rampant migration, which has affected the cultural process of individuals, The Arts and Culture Company will provide the platform for that cultural education to take place.


  • Address the arts as an important aspect of our community‚Äôs basic quality of life.
  • Use the cultural arts to educate Ghanaians about the world we live in.
  • Provide the freedom and opportunity to create and explore cultural arts.


  • To preserve and foster cultural values both at individual and collective levels.
  • To promote cultural interaction with different cultural components home and abroad, to facilitate mutual understanding, collaboration and enrichment.
  • To upgrade, strengthen and extend the existing cultural infrastructure while introducing new structures.
  • To provide support to artistic individuals and associations involved in artistic and cultural activities.
  • To organise cultural activities for the public at large.
  • To encourage the development of a dynamic Arts and Culture sector.


To enrich a equitable and melodious Ghanaian society through consolidation of existing pluralism, promotion of creativity and the celebration of Cultural values.


To be a leading Arts and Culture Company that will cause a positive and significant attitudinal change in the reception of Arts and Culture in Ghana and Africa.